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Christmas in September - Support Our Troops Program...

has raised $6299 plus many boxes and bags of snacks, books, magazines, and a variety of personal hygiene products for Our Troops stationed overseas. On October 13th members from the East Akron Board of Trade, Kenmore Board of Trade, South Akron Board of Trade, Summit DD Board, and employees of Regency Seating gathered at the Regency Seating Office on Romig Road and packaged 80 boxes to go overseas to a local unit of troops for the Holiday Season. This shipment was received by October 24th. This completed phase one of our project. We are now preparing to seek out families in the area that could use some assistance this Holiday Season. This program is open to veterans as well as families who currently have someone serving overseas. We will attempt to provide food assistance as well as gifts for the children. Please feel free to contact me with any families or veterans you feel may be of need. Our goal is to help 10 to 12 families this year from the funds we have collected. We will continue to accept donations year round.

Thank you very much for your support!

Thank You!

Aaron Summerville, Matt Ausperk &
Valerie Wise…..Regency Seating
Bart Oldenburg
Bill Rogers…..East Akron Board of Trade
Charlie Ault…..Summit Moving & Storage
Chesty Puller Detachment
Christine Higham…..Summit County
Russ Pry’s Office
Connie Delehanty…..United Dental Lab
Debbie…..Heavenly Hash of Marshallville    
Denise Slater…..Oriana House
Diane Ash…..In Working Order
Dolores Reeves…..Reeves Cake Shop
Dottie Achmoody…..OPEN M
Dr. Gary Minorik…..Minorik
Chiropractic Center

Frank Salamone…..Montrose Auto Group
Fred Shaheen……Fred’s Carpet
Freddie the Frog Sunday Morning
Classics…..WRQK FM 106.9
Jewell Cardwell…..Akron Beacon Journal
John Buntin Jr…..Kenmore Komics
Judi Jacobs…..Summit County DD
Kay Lukac
Kenmore Board of Trade
Leslianne Love…..Old Carolina Barbeque    
Libby & Sue Preston
Maria…..Arcadia Grill
Massillon Lodge #481
Melissa Roddy & Julie Rohrs…..Firestone

North Akron Chamber of Commerce
Patti & Rudy DiDonato
Paul Becker…..Chick-Fil-A of Montrose
Regency Seating Employees
Rick Foutty…..Lakemore Wine & Liquor
Rita Stahl…..Troop & Family Assistance
Center Region 1
Shirley Workman…..Arlington Self Storage
Skip & Susan Summerville
Stow Munroe-Falls Lions Club
Tina Merlitti…..S.O.S Program
Tom Mino…..Summit County ADM Board

For several years, Regency has lent a helping hand in supporting our troops during the holiday season. This Year, Aaron Summerville, Lenny Morella, workers of Regency Inc, and members of the South Akron Board of Trade packaged 80 large size flat rate boxes of goods for the men and women that are fighting for our freedom. Goods included food items, hygiene products, books and gift cards of all types. Regency and Friends are also providing gifts for 15 families whose loved ones will be overseas during the holidays.

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