Blue View VisionSM: Better health is in sight

What if doctors worked together to help your employees achieve better health? At Anthem, they do. Only Anthem paves the way for two-way communication between eye doctors and primary care doctors. We help them work together, share information and coordinate care – all through one company. So your employees benefit from an approach that makes the eye exam far less routine.


This means if an eye doctor finds a high-risk condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure during a routine eye exam, they can share that information with the member’s primary care doctor. The information is tracked in an electronic health record so your employees get the follow-up care and support they need.


It’s all connected.
When you choose Anthem’s vision and health plans, you can get:

  • Two-way communication between network eye care and health care providers

  • Care alerts to help employees manage ongoing health problems like diabetes and heart disease

  • Nurse coaches to help employees stay on top of their conditions

  • Potential health care cost savings”, since this could also be true if they get the 1.4% Chamber discount.


    At Anthem, we help connect the information – and all of our network providers – so they can all see eye to eye on our members’ care.

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